Smile Gallery

These patients all came in wanting to improve their smile. Check out the BEFORE and AFTER pictures, with a description below of what our dentists did to help these patients get their BEST smiles!


Gallery 4

Above: Patient had braces in the past but her gap began opening up again. Invisalign was used to help correct it in ten weeks!

Gallery 1

Above: New crowns (caps) were placed on the front six teeth of this patient to fix discoloration and broken down teeth.

Gallery 2

Above: Staining was present on the front four teeth from an antibiotic, tetracycline.  Because this staining was due to a medication side effect, whitening is not effective so crowns were placed instead.

Gallery 3

Above: This patient wanted something to improve the color and shape of their front six teeth, so new crowns were added to fix discoloration.

And more to come!



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